FAQ on Moonshot Project To End Aging

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How are you going to have access to experts and politicians?

"how are you going to have access to experts and politicians? you can't just go to the white house and knock on its doors shouting to fund anti-aging research" [1]

As a scientist, I don't find it difficult to get access to other scientists. There are conferences, numerous scientific and sci-pop groups in Twitter and Facebook, groups of alumnis. Most scientists live as ordinary people, and there is a high connectivity within that group.

There are several tiers of experts. Most of NIH scientists can be accessed easily. Accessing the most prominent scientists and high-level bosses is harder, but within NIH everybody knows another person in several handshakes. If we convince majority, they do everything else.

Attending many conferences and sci-pop lectures is allowed for non-scientists as well. Also anybody can access them via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. One can even stay with a big banner near large scientific institute, why not!

Certainly we can't access Congress Members now. The plan is (1) make that #MoonshotProjectToEndAging is official position of NIA and NIH (2) having this as a great argument and information event, cause interest in Congress Members, billionaires (and in general public as well).

Where to take the money for Moonshot project from?

A million people die every week. If we can come up with a nice idea where to take the money from during the next several million people dying, let's come up with it quickly. If we can't, let's just admit that we can't and let the professionals handle it. They will be hired to assess whether our political will, which we will express so vividly and massively, is executable and how much money actually can be allocated to our project given the massive interest that we hopefully generate.