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Welcome to Aging Wiki!

This Wiki is devoted to all the facets of aging research. The list of topics which would be covered first:

Call to Action:

What is this wiki and what are its general rules

Mostly, everything here is like in Wikipedia, however:

  • As far as you support radical healthspan extension you can create any relevant pages you want.
  • If you don't like current version of some article, you can create your own. The link to it would be included in main version of article.
  • Some pages of this wiki can express subjective opinion of their author(s). It's normal here.

One of the main purposes of this wiki is to create a large high-quality convincing Wikipedia in aging research and anti-aging science promotion, as well as creating a very good international team in the process.

You also can use wiki to write a book with a team of interested people. Just create a page with a book content, and let everyone take a chapter to write.

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