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This is review page for seems to misinterprete this article concluding that "with his protocol the grafted heads survived up to six months.[1]" Their [1] refers to review which says "Over half of his mice survived for periods longer than 24 h, with the longest survival being 6 months [22]" where [22] refers to (btw, "over half of mice survived longer than 24 h" is also false).

However the only very brief mention of "6 months" in is the following phrase in Discussion: "This work was undertaken to provide a model in which immune rejection and brain function can be assessed over time, by prolonging the survival period of the donor and recipient for up to 6 months." This is likely about aim, not about achievements.

There is no statistics of mice survival in the paper. There are no videos of functioning of that supposedly long-lived mice. The article has been cited only 29 times during 7 years.

It's even less believable considering the phrase from the paper: "Forty Kunming mice and forty C57 wild-type mice underwent the head transplant procedure. After allograft, 12 pairs of mice survived over 24 h <...> Within 1.5–2 h after transplantation, the both mice regained consciousness, displaying activity function and responsiveness".

If there really was a mice which lived for whole 6 months after transplantation there would have been numerous details on that, much more citations and interviews.